Unlocking Prosperity While Caring for the Earth 

May 6th, 2021

World Class Speakers 

Cumulative Effects Solutions

Cumulative Effects (CFX) defined as the outcomes of the interactions of the environment, people and the economies they create over meaningful time and space.

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Every week, another one or four more come in!  The impact assessments, notices of intent, and invitations to consult pile up, week after week.  The questions not only affect today, they affect all of the future.  Nobody knows what the cumulative effect will be yet in our gut we know this is unsustainable.  The deadlines are difficult if not impossible to meet and still be able to do a professional, well considered evaluation.  

Prosperity is locked down.  We are missing out on economic opportunities but what’s the alternative – not care for the environmental systems that sustains us?  Why is this happening?

Good design, where we can unlock prosperity while caring for the Earth requires the ability to go beyond ordinary sight. 

We need to use our third eye, often called foresight to create good design. 

Those who can do it are called “seers” and are able to design the future.  

- Barry J Wilson


The Line Up

Special Opening Welcome
Land Acknowledgement and Welcome from Salmon Arm

Opening Keynote

PT Interactive Roundtable on the Future of Cumulative Effects Management
This discussion will cover a wide range of topics including: capacity-building, governance and meaningful engagement on the management of cumulative effects. Start the day with a discussion on what is at stake when we talk about cumulative effects. From there, explore future possibilities and practical solutions to help unlock prosperity while caring for the earth.

Global Connections Keynote: Energy & Policy

Panel: Open Data to Support Transparent, Effective and Efficient Monitoring of Cumulative Effects.Opening up access to data to support environmental monitoring and scenario planning – what work is underway?
Leveraging analytics: spotlight on the Canadian Energy Regulator
Unlocking access to data across all levels of government and regions – what are the next steps?

Keynote Address

Indigenous-Led Collaboration on Cumulative Effects
Implementing cumulative effects management through strong governance. A guide to collaborating and building capacity in the CFX community Understanding Traditional Knowledge in CFX management

Lessons Learned, Best Practices and Critical Gaps in Regional Environmental Assessment: A Synthesis of Canadian and International Literature

Deep Dive Panel: What Water Quality and Quantity Tells Us About Cumulative Effects

Exploring why water is such a foundational and critical facet of cumulative effects. Looking at initiatives in place to measure and monitor quality and quantity. Discussing recommendations to build consensus on a path forward.

Virtual Q&A Session

Join conference speakers and your colleagues – both old and new – for an engaging discussion about key learnings from the day.

Create an action plan to take back to your organization while building meaningful new connections to help you put it into place. A hit at CFX2020, let’s continue the conversation in 2021!

"I enjoyed the inclusion & Indigenous focus. It was effective and done throughout. Great job with that!"

"Very informative. I liked seeing all the work that is going on, and that there are many different models that can be used to study CE within our territory."

The CFX Conference Speakers Welcome You to be Part of the Discussion

Barry J Wilson 

Systems Ecologist
CE Analytic

Dr. Jill Blakley

Associate Professor
U of S

Gina Lucarelli

Team Leader, United Nations 

Dr. Kim Green

Geoscientist and Researcher, Selkirk College

Dr. Carolyn Kissane

Academic Director and Clinical Professor, MS in Global Affairs and MS in Global Security, Conflict and Cybercrime, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy Concentration

Grandmother Katherine 


Knowledge Keeper, Wipazoka Wakpa Dakota Nation

Jamie Smith

Chief Data Officer, Environment and Climate Change Canada



Dave Nordquist

Title and Rights at Adams Lake Indian Band

Tara Arko

Director, Technical Services at Nunavut Impact Review Board

David Milia

Board Member, President & CEO, The Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus

Ross Wilson

Executive Director, Metlakatla Stewardship Society

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Janice Sharpe

Senior Director, Natural Resources Canada

Mark Cliffe-Phillips  

Executive Director, Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board

Dr. Ryan MacDonald

MacHydro Hydrologist

Kenthen Thomas


Alexander Reimers

Computational Water Resource Specialist, Stantec

Ken Banister

Panel Roster Member at Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Bruce Greenfield

Terrestrial Ecologist

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Maybe more than ever in our lives, COVID 19 has made us intimately aware of the cumulative effects of living in an interconnected world.  We have been reminded of how powerful the cumulative effect of widespread collective action can be to combat a common enemy. 

We have also been painfully reminded of the negative consequences of acting without regard for this interconnectedness. 

CFX 2021 puts you in the virtual room sharing a uniquely global perspective on the interconnections of people, our environment, geopolitics, and the economies we create.  



Demanding situations motivate us to respond to change and innovation is often where we find a path forward.  We live in a world of constant change and emerging threats .Our survival has always depended on our ability to adapt, find new solutions and work-arounds, to research, to refine our processes and revamp our mindset. 

CFX 2021 creates an opportunity for each of us to take a deeper look and see things from different perspectives than our own.  Invariably this leads to a better understanding of what’s happening, how all the parts of the system are connected, and stimulates our creative energies to innovate.



So often great ideas pop out of conversations about challenges or opportunities and one of us recognizes a new path to solving it or capturing it. So it’s crucial to have spaces like the CFX Cumulative Effects Conference Series where challenges can be discussed openly and without fear so new ideas can emerge. 

When we create new solutions together this always strengthens our collective resolve to work together for a common benefit and the ability to achieve something far greater than we could have on our own..


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Mar 07, 2021

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Dec 21, 2020

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Dec 16, 2020