Introducing the CE Analytic Awards

ce analytic awards May 21, 2019
CE Analytic Awards

Karen and I are excited to have the opportunity to recognize outstanding achievement as an important part of the CFX Conference.  We will be presenting 4 awards each year in the following categories :

1. Mastermind Award
2. Next Generation Award
3. Innovation Award
4. Leadership Award

CE Analytic Mastermind Award - is given to an individual or group who is(are) planning and implementing an ingenious and possibly complex project, activity or enterprise that is bringing about positive change.  Think of it as a big idea born and implemented.

CE Analytic Next Generation Award- - is given to an individual or group who is(are) teaching and empowering the next generation to understand systems dynamics, giving them the skills they will need to find the solutions of tomorrow.

CE Analytic Innovation Award- - is given to an individual or group who is(are) developing a new method, idea or product that will result in better solutions for our future in the field of system dynamics and/or cumulative effects.

CE Analytic Leadership Award- - is given to an individual or group whose leadership is inspiring and motivating others to accomplish amazing things.

 Click here to see the 2019 CE Analytic award recipients.  

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